I Don’t Recognize Your Authority If You Ain’t Got No Stinkin Badge

by Todd Conaway

I know, I know, that ain’t the line. But, that ain’t no reason to not talk about it, right? Guilia got it going, I think.

Way back in 2006 Alan Levine spoke of badges and proclaimed, “Badges are back! Maybe coming back soon too are the blink tag and title tag animations.”  I figure I’d just toss those terms around a bit.

Well, #ds106, I give you the animated “Jim Groom Don’t Need No Stinkin Badges” badge.

The way I see it here is that if you ain’t got badges you ain’t got….

And we really need to re-frame our conversations about badges anyway. Especially on Saturday afternoons. So we did. And I gave myself another badge as you can see, I am rich with rewards of all kinds! Badges of gold and and silver lace. Badges that smell of saffron. Badges that show courage and honor. Badges of chocolate.

Badges Badges Badges