Hello Fellow Travelers

by Todd Conaway

I am Todd Conaway and I live in in the upper deserts of Arizona. I live in a village called Cornville. No joke. From a hill near my home I can see for many miles in every direction. In some cases there are no buildings for a hundred miles. No wonder I am looking for fellow travelers, right?

The air is clean, the night sky crystal clear with stars as bright as torches laying across the ocean. It is beautiful and it is what I need.

I have participated in this ds106 class twice. The fist time I lived here. The blog title comes form a pamphlet I used to create monthly as a way to express myself in poems. The name comes from two of my heroes, Isadora Duncan and Robert Louis Stevenson. A pagan dancer and a rather ill pirate.

The second time I participated in the class was pretty strange. I was an old man. The story is full of revolution, hugs, and happiness. I think. I died at the end, but it was well worth it.

I have this idea for this time around. I want to “frame” everything. Literally. I am not sure how it will work, but I am going to try. Frames help you know. They help us see. Keep things in and keep things out. Define space. And there is of course, the ever popular lingo, re-framing. What are we re-framing in this class?

I have framed me, right here.