The Window @ the Center of the Internet

the center contains a window that looks in and out.

If Your Eyes Are Closed It Is Still Terrifying

We were lucky enough to go to Disneyland over the break and we had a grand time. Well, all but about 3 minutes late at night…

Later that night she did say she would go on it again and it was not that scary. So much to learn from kids…


Here is a daytime video of the ride


8th Grade Math Class Was Butt a Dream

So I see today that @mbransons and @jimgroom have collaborated on yet another exciting thing of art. I can’t just let it go by and enjoy it. I have to do it too. Part of the addiction you know. And truth be told, I did make it to the eight grade. Twice in fact.

Jim as Jim (Has this dream stopped?)

Well, I guess this is the old groom art. I was inspired @dlnorman and the spraying of groom on the bench and the whole policeman in happy paintings and all seems so ds106 like that I had to get going before the holiday. Though I am now thinking there are no holidays in ds106. The whole episode it like that moment when you realize you are no longer in control of the paint as it starts running down the canvas. You just have to let go. Recog (cogdog) nize that it has become you. Cogdog:

I admit it. I have a problem. I can stop at any time, but why would I want to?

I cannot find the assignment number for the album art. I cannot find the Jim Groom art assignment number. They are blurred together like time and space. This is the end. Of this post. I think. Happy Holidays.

The Only Rule: When You Are On The Bus You Must Sing

The Back of the Bus is Where all the Action Is, But Someone has To Drive

And so we will need all the drivers we can gather as the road will be long and full of obstacles. Politicians who know little about education, budget cuts, overworked parents, broken networks, time, and many other challenges to overcome. But we can get them all on the bus and we can spread the word with all of our combined might. Bigger than a single blog! Mightier than a brilliant conference keynote! We shall go door to door and engage the children. We will capture the imagination and wonder they have and fill our own books and blogs and radio broadcasts with them!

Anybody own a bus?

Oblivion on the Bus

Among my heroes and role models would be Neal Cassady. The driver. There is important meaning there. He drove in more ways than one. He inspired the team. And they drove Further as a result. I like people like that. I learned of him through Kerouac and then later, other poets I came to admire. They drove me from afar. I was on the bus and it was long gone by the time I was old enough to drive.

Lately there are others I find to be modeling driving. Many are here in the ds106 community. I am lucky to know of the bus. I am blessed to have wandered towards the road it has taken. It feels wonderful. Thanks.

An Uncontribution to the #ds106radio Untelethon

An Animated Gif and the MacGuffin: How Quickly Can You Kill It?

So, how quickly can you end a movie? Well, by combining the newest craze in ds106, the MacGuffin (designassignment172) and the holy animated gif, you can pretty much wipe out the rest of the movie pretty quickly in some cases. Here, I allowed Stanley Kubric to get his name in the opening credits before I had to help an avalanche wipe out the Torrance family on their way to, well nowhere in this case except an icy freezer of snow.

I had much anxiety and troubles with zamzar and the video importing. I am NOT the animated gif guy. But, I think you’ll get the idea and it frames the opening sequence nicely.  I like the idea and I have other ideas to give this a go with.

I Can’t Stop It!

Jim Groom called it a “force of nature.” So I had to do this.

Let’s Find Another Forest to Play In

Well, here is my dream from last night. Er, wait, I was not exactly one of the merry men, or at least not quite like depicted here in this assignment. But I was thinking of the possibilities of this assignment and I thought, “Hey, I am not going to just kill the Sherwood forest element of the plot, I am going to make Robin not really be interested in maid Marian and I think I ‘ll make him ‘like’ the Sheriff.” All in one sentence.